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Gå-hjem-møde: The Rapid Prediction of Coating Reliability and Discovery of Optimal Additives Using Electrochemical Methods

Talks & networking
25 September 2017, 16-18.30
DTU Lyngby, meeting room 2

Talk by Professor S. Ray Taylor, University of Houston

Ray Taylor

The rate of development of more corrosion protective coatings and discovery of non-toxic inhibitive pigments for coatings is limited by the rate of testing and experimentation. This talk will examine new rapid electrochemical methods that have increased discriminating capability for the prediction of coating life and component interaction. The accuracy of any predictive model must incorporate a realistic weighting of the relevant characteristics that effect coating function.

Prof. Taylorís research interests have sought to understand how coatings provide corrosion protection. He has used his understanding of electrochemical kinetics and interfacial structure to develop life-time performance models for coatings, corrosion inhibitors and graphite fiber composites. He was the Director of the Houston Biomaterials Research Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center from 2006 to 2012. He was the founder and Executive Director of the National Corrosion Center at Texas A&M from 2012-2014. He is also the Founder and Director of the Short Course on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, now entering its 30th year.

State of the Art Zinc Rich Primer for Cathodic Protection of Steel

Talk by Rameez Ud Din, PhD, Technology Specialist, Hempel

Rameez Ud Din

In recent years, Hempel A/S has developed the AvantGuard technology for zinc rich epoxy. The AvantGuard technology has delivered the economical benefits as well as provided an unprecedented increase in the anti-corrosion and cracking properties of the coating. This talk will provide an insight into the understanding and characterization of the corrosion protection mechanisms in the new generation of zinc rich primers under the AvantGuard umbrella. During the research, the results obtained from the scientific investigations led to explore new formulation variants that will be briefly highlighted.

Rameez Ud Din is a young scientist with a particular research interests in the fields of surface treatments, coatings, electrochemistry and understating of various types of corrosion mechanisms to improve the lifetime of commercial products. His PhD research was focused on characterization of aluminium surface treatments, where the aim of the research was to develop an environmentally friendly conversion coating process, and to investigate the chemical, electrochemical and microstructural behaviour in combination with their industrial performance. Rameez is currently employed in Hempelís Technology and Innovation department as well as an industrial post doc fellow at DTU, where he is working with the existing commercial paint and epoxy products to improve their corrosion protection abilities and developing new concepts, which will help to formulate more durable, cost effective and environmental friendly coating systems.

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