Climatic Reliability of Electronics: New challenges with green transition

– The 7th International Seminar

3-4 March 2022
Technical University of Denmark
Meeting room 1
Anker Engelundsvej 1
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Green transition requires extended use of electronics for higher service boundaries, while they are expected to perform efficiently. This is most important today for the use of power electronics in all sectors including renewable energy, transportation electrification, and digitalization. Expanded use also means increased exposure of electronic systems to harsh climatic conditions. Increased demands on high power density, high voltage, miniaturization etc. goes against the robustness demand in harsh exposure conditions unless materials, design and processes are optimized for greater performance. External environmental conditions can cause reliability issues in electronics resulting in intermittent malfunctions and permanent failures; many of them are due to transient water film formation on PCBA or exposure to other harmful environmental conditions. Therefore, knowledge based design for climatic reliability and developing preventive strategies are important.

Following the previous year’s tradition, we are pleased to announce the 7th seminar on climatic reliability of electronics in 2022 with a focus on green transition challenges. The two-day seminar will cover various aspects of climatic effects on electronics. This is a focused seminar with only invited talks delivered by experts from industry and academia. We are delighted to invite you to attend this seminar.

Topics for the seminar will cover, but not be limited to:

  • Green transition and issue of electronics for climatic reliability
  • Electrification in transportation and climatic reliability issues
  • Climatic testing of higher power/voltage electronics and challenges
  • Climatic reliability of low power and high power electronics, and failure mechanisms
  • PCBA design vs climatic reliability demand especially with high voltages/power
  • Climate coupled packaging design to tackle humidity issues
  • Various preventive measures for reducing climatic effects

More detailed programme and information will be announced soon.

Professor Rajan Ambat, CELCORR, Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Morten Jellesen, CELCORR,

Climatic Reliability of Electronics: New challenges with green transition, 3 & 4 March 2022

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This seminar is organized by
Centre for Electronic Corrosion (CELCORR), Technical University of Denmark
European Federation of corrosion (EFC), WP 23 on Corrosion Reliability of Electronics
European Centre for Power Electronics (ECPE)